This is, a domain owned by it's members. It runs on UNIX platform and offers web, shell and database services. The name and history of dRYSOfT goes back to something like 1994.

11.05.2014 Even faster network pipe. got even faster network pipe! Enjoy! :)


30.03.2007 Faster network pipe. got faster network pipe! Enjoy! :)


20.02.2002 Support for Lynx.

Added better support for Lynx.


18.02.2002 New pages.

A little more Camelish colour and more functionality.

//Vesa, Mikko, Jussi

16.02.2002 New server.

Changed the server from SUN SPARCstation 5, 110MHz, 64MB, 3GB and Solaris 8 to AMD Duron 700MHz, 512MB, 150GB and Red Hat 7.2..

Now should be faster and stable. Enjoy! :)



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